A bit about me.

Hi, Thanks for being here.

My name is Shell and I love helping people solve their creative problems. Whether it be a spot illustration or a logo for your new business. I’m here to help you create an image that matches you perfectly.


A bit of trivia.

1. I hate rollercoasters but love to drive fast.

2. My dog’s name is Ruth, my son named her when he was 9, said the name reminded him of beautiful jewelry?

3. If I could change one thing about myself, I’d put my eyesight back to what it was before glasses!

4. I’m always cold. Sometimes you might find me wearing 2 sweaters and a hoodie in the house. I have lots of sweaters.

5. My 1st job was as a french fry girl for a fast food place called Lud’s. I was hired to fry things…I was not allowed near the grill - true story.

6. I love the smell of cut grass but hate the sound of lawn mowers with a passion.

7. If I could gain any talent by pure magic I would be a singer / songwriter that could play acoustic guitar super good.

8. If I didn’t have to work for a living I would be a full time student studying abroad in a different place every year. 

9. A love I still have as strong as childhood is my love for horses.


How did I get here?

Oh man, I have stories to tell. I started out vowing to never touch a computer. I was a purist in college and my art would never be digital! You can see some non-digital work here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30453231/Watercolor-Oil

But… I had a baby in college and needed to not be a starving artist so I bit the bullet and took a job as a graphic designer and yes, I touched a computer for the first time in 1996. It hurt at first but now the computer and I have grown to really dig each other. So with an illustration degree and years of on the job graphic design training I’m a little bit of both worlds and I love it that way.


What’s going on now?

My son has grown up, he’s almost done with college and I’m freelancing and loving it!

I have a variety of things on my plate right now including doing illustration and design work for a large craft company, designing logos, branding and graphic work for small businesses. You can see my work as case studies here: https://issuu.com/shellstolldesigns


What you can expect?

I’m here to help you find your visual voice. My clients have told me they love how I listen to their needs and really hear who they are,  helping them discover what kind of voice they want me to visualize. I always give a lot of choices up front in the form of concept sketches for us to discuss and for you to select from.

You are included in the design process as much or a little as you are comfortable with. It’s my goal to make this experience with me as fun and enjoyable as possible. 

Check out my Testimonial page for some good stories about my work and process.


Contact me :)

Never hesitate to contact me, I'm not the kind to hound you for your business, there is nothing worse than trying to be sold. You will always get an hour + of my time to discuss your project at no charge. 

I’ll send you a quote after our discussion and from there you can decide what’s best for you.


Thank you, I look forward to hearing all about your project!